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Hekate: At the Crossroads with Brian Catnoir

Hekate known mostly as the goddess of witches due to her journeys to the underworld and her role as guide of the dead is all that and more. Tonight’s talk will explore the many facets of this goddess. Starting with her earliest stories from Hesiod, Orpheus, and Homer through her appearances in the Chaldean oracles we will discuss her many qualities and roles in all aspects of our lives with particular attention to magic and theurgy.

There will be plenty of time for discussion and sharing of experiences and our own stories, as this is where things get interesting.

Brian Cotnoir is an alchemist, artist, and award-winning filmmaker. A contributor to Frater Albertus’ Parachemy, he is also the author of a series of Alchemy Zines. His books include The Weiser Concise Guide to Alchemy,Alchemical Meditations, On the Quintessence of Wine, and the recently published Emerald Tablet, his translations of and commentary on, the earliest Arabic and Latin versions of this seminal text. His Emerald Tabletwas part of the Language of the Birds: Occult and Art show in 2016 in New York City.

He occasionally gives talks and has presented workshops and seminars around the world on various aspects of alchemical theory and practicebased on his research.

His film work has been screened at Museum of Modern Art, Sundance Film Festival, HBO, PBS and other international venues.