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Tools for Empaths: Owning Your Energy with Nelly Reznik

Everything is energy, and everything and everyone carries a vibration. Those of us who are sensitive to energy and pick up on it easily need to be extra protective of our boundaries in order to minimize how much we absorb from others throughout the day. Often, we pick up other people’s stuff without even realizing it, then don’t know how to release it.


  • You cannot tolerate yelling or loud noises - they seem to affect you physically

  • When you walk into a room, you can feel if the energy is off even if it isn’t visibly apparent

  • You often feel fatigued and drained from being around people

  • Your moods seemingly change very quickly for no discerning reason

  • You feel anxious in crowds 


  • A discussion on different types of empaths.

  • An interactive lesson on what energy, vibrations, and auras are, along with their relevance to our day to day lives.

  • Various techniques on how to develop and strengthen your energetic boundaries. 

  • A guided meditation with the angelic realm, where we will gain awareness and power over our own energetic fields, cut cords of attachment, remove other people’s energy, clear chakras, and bring in protection.  

You will walk away from this interactive workshop with a clear understanding of what it means to be an empath, what your energetic field actually is and how to take full ownership of it, and how being an empath or highly sensitive is truly a gift.

Nelly Reznik is a professionally trained and tested psychic medium based in the NYC area. Although she is a natural-born medium and has been able to communicate with Spirit since childhood, it wasn’t until her own experience with loss and grief in her twenties that she began to understand and develop her ability. Her objective as a medium is to provide a voice for the Spirit world, communicating their thoughts with accuracy and specificity. She also teaches courses for empaths and psychics in order to help people understand and hone their own spiritual gifts.


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