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Introduction to Palmistry with Cat McGuire


Join Professional Palm Reader Cat McGuire for this intensive 2-hour workshop that will give students a solid overview of the basics of Palmistry. Many people think the hand's lines are the primary focus of Palmistry, but actually it's the hand's 'Archetypes' that provide the foundation for excelling at Palm Reading.  The Palm's 7 archetypes are Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Mars, Luna, and Venus and each one reveals unique intsights into a person's potential for career, health, money, and love.

In this interactive workshop, students wil learn about each individual archetype and we will explore each other's hands to determine examples an archetype's various attributes - and how they can manifest for that person. Every single set of hands is unique, so in studying the hands of your fellow classmates you will get to see various examples of each archetype. By the end of the class, you will able to look at most people's hands to discover an individual's core personality traits! 
Bring pen and paper to take notes! 

Cat McGuire is a professional palm reader who has been reading palms since 1995. She is adept at both scientific analysis and telepathic channeling having studied both modalities for years with several masters. Cat's business background keeps her grounded in the “real world,” ensuring her readings are fully relevant to the day-to-day lives of her clients. Cat also organizes monthly "Psychic Gym" sessions to help people enhance their innate psychic abilities.