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AKASHIC RECORDS 101: THE BOOK OF LIFE with Lady Rose Orca Dior


The Akashic Record, or what renowned seer Edgar Cayce called “the Book Of Life”, is a divine blueprint of all history and an 11th-dimensional experience of profound truth. It contains your individual soul’s archive of your past, present and future. We will open our collective Akashic Record, practice reading each other, and celebrate the healing power of living in “spirit”. It’s like a computer cache of everything that has already happened- and you have access to it whenever you like. The Akashic Records can be used for divination (offering guidance to others), a meditation experience to enhance creativity and find your inner muse, an access point to your spirit guides, and a daily practice that helps you elevate your vibration and exercise your divine rights to stand in miracle power. Join Lady Rose, psychic intuitive at Black Iris on March 25th to learn more about this unique and profound healing modality!

Lady Rose Amara is an artist and coach originally from the midwest. She offers visionary insights for those seeking an intuitive approach to creativity. She has been featured in The Huffington Post, Teen Vogue and Nylon among others as well as teaching workshops throughout Brooklyn. Event clients include The Wild Unknown, Urban Outfitters and Pratt Institute, and she was recently healer-in-residence with Mystic Bazaar at the Desert Daze Music Festival in Joshua Tree, CA. She is known as a naturally gifted channel, providing multi-faceted healing sessions for groups and individuals throughout the world.