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A Practical Guide To Saturn in Capricorn

A Practical Guide To Saturn in Capricorn

Presented bt T.C Eisele aka "Mr. Saturn"

What can e expect from Saturn's recent entry into it's native sign of Capricorn? To answer this Tom will begin by talking about Astrological significance of Saturn, followed by a look at the potential affects it's Capricorn transit over the next two years may have onour sosciety as well as the world at large. The class will then conclude with a more personalized analysis for any participant who would like Tom briefly examine their birth chart* to see what could likely be in store for them between now and when Saturn changes signs again in 2020

*Each participant who would like their birth chart read should bring a copy of it to class. Charts can be done free online at



For over 17 years T.C Eisele has been a Professional Psychic Counselor, Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Teacher in NYC. He is also the author of several books most recent beaing "Psychic Reading" published in 2017 by Rebel Satori Press