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Introduction to Planetary Magic


Introduction to Planetary Magic

From the skies of ancient Babylon, to the manuscripts of formal medieval angel magic, and even to some modern uses of crystals, the seven classical planets - Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon - have been an incredibly significant part of European magic for almost as long as records have been kept.

In this class Dr Alexander Cummins, a professional diviner and astrological magician as well as an academically-trained historian, will introduce us to the fundamentals of planetary magic. This will of course include taking us through the practicalities of incense recipes and incantations. But it will also touch on some essential occult philosophy: which planet or planets are best to appeal to for a particular issue? When exactly should I time my magical operation? How can I get the most out of my sorcery?

No previous experience in astrology or planetary magic is required, and the class is designed to be useful to absolute beginners, veteran sorcerers, and everyone in between.

Dr Alexander Cummins is a diviner, consultant sorcerer, and a historian. His work focuses on divination, folk necromancy, and magical books, as well as astrological magic. He is currently based in Brooklyn, and can be found