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Sorcery for Tattoos: Occult Philosophy and Magical Practices for Making the Most of Your Tattooing


Tattooing can be a fundamentally magical process. From vision, to collaboration with the ritual artist, to the sitting and the manifestation, to the healing and integrating. But what kind of particular occult philosophy or sorcerous practices might help us make the most of this fundamentally magical process? 

In this talk, professional diviner, consultant sorcerer, and historian of magic Dr Alexander Cummins takes us through pre-modern ideas about the intrinsic magic of image making, of glyphs and marks, and of embodiment. Amongst other things, we will explore how divination can help finalise designs; how the use of various incenses, anointing oils, and asperging waters can help ensure a consecrated ritual space; how a variety of astrological timings can be observed to best infuse particular energies and virtues into the process and final piece. And we will of course also discuss the use of sigils, seals, pentacles, and other magical glyphs in tattooing as forms of "inked spell-craft". 

So join us for a class dedicated to the magic of tattooing and the tattooing of magic!