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Ukrainian folk magic -7 plant allies+ grimoire




In this class, Anka will go over Slavic pre-Christian folk history and traditions. There are 7 main healing+protecting plant allies used in Ukrainian folk magic, we will spend time exploring each plant, their magical and healing properties, relationship to people and everyday life use. In Ukrainian paganism nature was perceived as a world inhabited with demonic and magical creatures of the forest, water and fields. There were also ancient totemistic and animistic concepts about the life of plants, animals, and the environment. We will learn how to create protective talisman sachets and put together arrangements that will protect your home from unwelcome spirit intruders.

Class will include limited edition grimoire spellbook prepared and researched by Anka’s mom, Natalia, translated and illustrated by Anka.

Earlier Event: June 18
Fundamentals of Elemental Sorcery
Later Event: July 11
Sacred Community Gathering