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Healing the Wheel: A workshop on the Chakras


Making a circle together, we will open our time with an invocation, followed by a brief (5/10 min) meditation in order to ground ourselves to the space and each other as well as begin to further awaken our attention to the energetic centers of our bodies.

We will spend the first hour in learning and discussion:

Topics will include but not be limited to:

Outlining the properties of each of the 7 (basic) chakras, a look into how they present, both balanced and imbalanced.

Methods of treating or healing them. 

Who might be in need of this work. 

A Vedic chant for each of the chakras and demonstration of such

Information on additional energy centers and how to realign

The second half of our time will be spent asking and answering questions and then finally pairing with each other and practicing the technique offered. we will end the time with a brief (5 min) exiting meditation and invocation.

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