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The Flicker Effect: An Evening with the Dream Machine


n this 2 hour workshop we will first screen 'FLicKeR': a 2008 documentary featuring interviews with prominent figures from the Beat Movement who had experimented with The Dream Machine. Taking the Dream Machine as the basis of its explorations, FLicKeR asks crucial questions about the nature of art and consciousness, and imagines a humanity liberated to explore its creativity in complete freedom. The Dream Machine is said to offer a drugless high that its creator – poet, artist, calligrapher and mystic Brion Gysin – believed would revolutionize human consciousness.

In the second part we will sit with mystic and ritual leader Dyanna Csaposs for a guided meditation with the Dream Machine and complete an exercise in automatic writing. Please bring a pen and notebook.

*Tickets are limited for this event.

** This workshop may not be safe for viewers with Epilepsy or have a tendency towards seizures.


The flicker effect was identified by the famous father of Artificial Intelligence, W. Grey Walter in his best- selling 1953 book The Living Brain. Stroboscopic light, or light flashing on the eye between 8 and 13 flashes per second, induces alpha wave activity in the brain – a state normally associated with dreaming and creativity. Subjects often report seeing shapes and colours, some have full-blown hallucinations, others mystical experiences.

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