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Intro to Astrology: The Sun Signs with Rebecca Fey

Come out and learn all about your sign - and all your friends’ signs, too! Led by Rebecca Fey, this class will cover each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. We will look at both positive and challenging components of each sign, what they tend to excel at, and where they tend to meet obstacles. A fun workshop for anyone who ever wanted to know more about what your sun sign means!

Rebecca Fey is an herbalist, tarot reader, and astrologer. She teaches workshops on magical and medicinal herbalism, crystal work, candle, magick, tarot, and astrology. Rebecca began her herbal journey as an apprentice at Flower Power in the East Village in 2004. Prior to Flower Power, she worked as a tarot reader and reiki healer at Enchanted Realms and Magickal Realms. Rebecca currently teaches throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, and Her product line is available for sale by direct order or here at Black Iris Tattoo.