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An Evening of Spirit Communication with Nelly Reznik

Join psychic medium Nelly Reznik for an evening of communication with your loved ones in Spirit. She will be demonstrating evidential mediumship, which is evidence-based reading in which the medium gives facts and details about individuals who have crossed over before delving into healing messages. Through mediumship, Spirit brings forward comfort and evidence that allow for understanding that our departed loved ones are safe and at peace on the other side, continuing to watch over us.

The energy of demonstrations tends to be light-hearted and joyful. If you have been curious about mediumship, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience its magic in a safe group environment.

Please be open to whichever spirits show up for you, as we cannot choose who decides to step forward. Spirit has their own agenda, so please come in with an open mind and heart, knowing that both the spirits and the information that come in are in your highest and best interest.

Please be aware that as with all group mediumship demonstrations, attendance does not guarantee a reading.