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Surviving Mercury Retrogrades: Tips and Tricks for Everyday Planetary Magic with Dr. Al Cummins

Of all the planets which cast unusual conditions when stationing retrograde, Mercury is easily the most spoken of in popular culture. You may have been warned to avoid signing contracts at this time, when the planet closest to the Sun appears to be tracking backwards across the heavens. Perhaps you've been cautioned to be extra-careful about how and when you write letters or attempt to communicate with a boss or loved one.

Mercury's retrograde stationing is indeed thought to affect all manner of exchange and interrelation (particularly in matters of communications,) to potentially risk technology failing (especially in novel and fascinating ways,) and in general to scupper many of the endeavours which Mercury - Trickster as well as Messenger - normally celebrates and strengthens. 

In this talk, diviner, historian, and consultant sorcerer Dr. Alexander Cummins will share a variety of techniques for minimizing the impact on your actual life, work, and networks of the Messenger of the Gods getting flipped turned inside out and upside down. Using a mixture of historical instances of astrological remediation, planetary talismans, astral images, ritual observances, offerings and propitiations, and various other tips and tricks, this workshop will arm you with the tools you need to make the most out of your next Mercury Retrograde - not only surviving it, but perhaps even turning things to your advantage!