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Exploring Witchcraft with Cat Cabral

During this course participants will learn about the history of ancient and contemporary witchcraft as a means for spiritual growth and empowerment through the magic inherent in and all around us. From Wicca, Modern Paganism, and practical magic practices, a variety of paths will be explored. By honoring nature and harnessing its energy, participants will learn how to set up a modern witchcraft practice that speaks to their direct needs. Creating altars, rituals, spells, venerating ancestors, and coven building will be discussed, along with the use of magical timing and moon cycles. 

Cat Cabral is a priestess, practicing witch, and author of the upcoming The Spells Deck (Chronicle Books.) A life-long enthusiast, student, and practitioner of the occult, she offers intuitive tarot sessions, hosts open circles, and teaches practical magic workshops.