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Fundamentals of Elemental Sorcery


Often the first thing fresh-faced young witches and magicians learn about, the Four Elements are truly a foundational part of Western magical traditions, both in terms of theoretical occult philosophy and practical magical activity. But Elemental Sorcery is not simply for beginners, as this class will show.

In this talk, consultant sorcerer Dr Alexander Cummins will take us through just how important the Elements are and how we can use their magic more effectively in our own practices. From examining useful aspects of humoural theory - the dominant pre-modern elemental model used to understand how humans interact with nature underlying the "personality types" of astrology - to exploring four eminently pragmatic spellcraft approaches to balancing our elemental makeup.

We will thus examine works of Fire (candle magic), works of Water (spiritual baths), works of Air (incense and prayer), and works of Earth (constructing charm bags). As such, this class offers something for both those new to magic and those who have been walking the magical path for some time.

Dr Alexander Cummins is a professional diviner, magician, and historian. He can be found and booked, and he curates an online archive of free magical historical texts at He currently resides in Brooklyn with his brilliant wife and their vast expanse of cat.